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Cruise Ship Nurses-Travel the world on a luxury ship

Cruise nursing gives you the opportunity to travel the world on a luxury ship and function as a critical care, emergency nurse at the same time. Cruise Ship Nurse is an experienced NP or RN responsible to provide appropriate day-to-day health care to passengers and crew members aboard the cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Nurses

Cruise Ship Nurses

Without access to a major hospital, cruise ship doctors and nurses must rely on their skill and knowledge. They handle everything from sunburn, skin infections, seasickness, wound infections, migraine headaches to heart attacks and other life threatening emergencies. Although onboard medical clinics are equipped like smaller versions of emergency rooms, including EKGs, x-ray machines, oxygen, IVs and essential medications—the staff may still be limited in the extent of care it can provide.

Cruise Ship Nurse Requirements:

-diploma from accredited nursing school with a minimum of two years recent hospital experience
– cruise ship nurses must be able to perform BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support
-cruise ship nurses must be able to work with all different cultures, languages and different medical viewpoints
– must be confident in their skills in the event of a medical emergency where no one else is around
-have a valid passport, and successfully complete background search and medical examination
-must be able to travel internationally for 3 months at a time, living and working onboard

Cruise Ship Nurse Salary: $3000-4000 U.S. per month, depending on the cruise line.

Cruise Ship Nurse Benefits: health and short-term disability benefits, vacation pay, uniform. free and reduced-rate cruise benefits for you and your family, transportation to and from the ship, accommodations, all meals,  and a truly unique work environment:)

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