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How to Live Very Long-Doctor’s Jokes

A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doc, I would like to live very long. What should I do?” “I think that is a wise decision,” the doctor replies.

How to live very long

How to live very long



-“Let’s see, do you smoke?”
-“Oh.. Half a pack a day.”
-Starting now, no more smoking.” The man agrees.
The doctor then asks, “Do you drink?”
-“Oh, well Doc, not much, just a bit of wine with my meals, and a beer or two every once in a while.”
-“Starting now, you drink only water. No exceptions.” The man is a bit upset, but also agrees.
The doctor asks, “How do you eat?”-“Oh, well, you know, Doc, normal stuff.”
-“Starting now you are going on a very strict diet. You are going to eat only raw vegetables, with no dressing, and non-fat cottage cheese.”
The man is now really worried. “Doc, is all this really necessary?”
-“Do you want to live long?”
-“Well then, it’s absolutely necessary. And don’t even think of breaking the diet.”
The man is appalled. “Doc… Are you sure I’m going to live longer this way?”
-“I have no idea, but whatever you live, I assure you is going to seem like an eternity!”

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