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Medical Technology Industry (MTI) Provides High-Paying Jobs

Medical technology industry provides high-paying jobs, and creates a substantial ripple effect throughout the entire economy. Medical technology products range from eyeglasses, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, hospital equipment and furniture to heart pacemakers, replacement joints, kidney dialysis machines and irradiation and imaging systems.

MTI Jobs

MTI Jobs

Medical Technology (MTI) Fact Sheet:

•Each medical technology job generates two additional jobs
•Average Salary: $43,000
•Each medical technology dollar generates an additional $1.12 in payroll
•Each dollar of medical technology sales generates an additional $0.90 in sales

Ten States with Largest MTI employment:
1. California 72,485
2. Massachusetts 21,847
3. Florida 19,949
4. Minnesota 18,571
5. New Jersey 17,953
6. Pennsylvania 17,482
7. New York 16,607
8. Indiana 15,548
9. Texas 14,253
10. Ohio 12,820

Ten States with Highest MTI Share of State Employment: Utah, Delaware, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Indiana, Nebraska 1.93, New Hampshire, South Dakota, California, New Jersey 1.60

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