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Medical Writers Skills

While most medical writers do have some scientific degree , many of them are not necessarily graduates in medicine or Ph.Ds. There are many medical writers who have entered the profession with backgrounds in language rather than science.

Medical Writers Skills

Medical Writers Skills

Medical Writers qualifications and skills:

You don’t necessarily need a medical qualification, although a good understanding of basic human anatomy and physiology is important. Knowledge of diseases and their treatment is an advantage, but in most jobs you can learn about specific disease areas as you get involved with different projects. You’ll need very good writing and word processing skills. Most employers will ask you to do a writing test before, or as part of, your interview so that they can judge your writing skills. The format of this test will vary depending on the type of medical writing the company is involved with.

Medical Writers Income by  education level:
Associate degree or below-$45,000
Bachelors ——$61,000
Masters ——$67,00
Advanced More than $80,000

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I actually have a BA in English and a BS in Nursing and would LOVE to learn more about how to combine my passion for both!

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