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Nursing Students Stress

Nursing students face many stressors on their journey to becoming a nurse. There are  three major causes of student anxiety: fear of making mistakes, initial clinical experience on a unit, and performing clinical procedures.

Nursing Students Stress

Nursing Students Stress

In_addition to the above, nursing students not only experience such stress in clinical practice but also from sources such as separation from home, financial worries, regular clinical and educational assessment and frequently changing clinical environments. Undergraduate nursing students appear to experience more burnout especially during higher times of stress such as during midterms and final examinations. Often, nursing students experience burnout levels comparable to working nurses.

Staff nurses’ attitudes and behaviors impact the learning environment of the student. Giving the students the opportunity to be acquainted with one mentor gave them the possibility to develop comfortable relationships that helped decrease their anxiety. Having one mentor (RN) for the entire semester provided them with someone always there to answer questions the students had. They felt more comfortable asking questions because they were placed with the same nurse each time and felt more comfortable with the nurse. Friendships, professional affiliations, and other support systems help relieve stress and anxiety and provide nursing students with a sense of community.

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