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Ophthalmologic sonographers use ultrasound to study the eyes

Ophthalmologic sonographers use ultrasound to study the eyes. Using high frequency sound waves, ophthalmologic sonographers assist the ophthalmologist in analyzing components of the eye and diagnosing patients.

Ophthalmologic Sonographers

Ophthalmologic Sonographers

Ultrasound aids in the insertion of prosthetic lenses by allowing accurate measurement of the eyes. Ophthalmologic ultrasound also helps diagnose and track tumors, blood supply conditions, separated retinas, and other ailments of the eye and the surrounding tissue. Ophthalmologic sonographers use high frequency transducers made exclusively to study the eyes, which are much smaller than those used in other specialties. In addition to working directly with patients, Ophthalmologic sonographers keep patient records and adjust and maintain equipment. They also may prepare work schedules and evaluate equipment purchases.

Certified Diagnostic Ophthalmic Sonographer (CDOS) certificants specialize in B-Scan sonography principles and instrumentation for eye examinations.

The population of the United States will be changing dramatically over the next 50 years with corresponding changes in healthcare resources to meet population demands. The clinical specialties that sonography serves such as ophthalmology and other primary care specialties are directly impacted by supply and demand of the population being served.

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