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Peace Corps Nurses provide the community with basic healthcare information

The Peace Corps, a federal agency devoted to developing world peace and friendship. Peace Corps Nurses educate about health care in the countries assigned. Peace Corps is a powerful, unique, and amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone with the will to make the commitment.

Peace Corps Nurses

Peace Corps Nurses



As_a_nurse, you would have a great deal to offer in the countries where Peace Corps volunteers serve, however, you will most likely not be actually doing clinical nursing. Peace Corps nurses do not directly work in hospitals but instead operated under local health clinics aiming for health extension in the community. In addition to working in health clinics, some nursing volunteers focus on the organization and management of the local hospital. Peace Corps Nurses provide the community with basic healthcare information, such as sanitation and nutrition.


In order to help protect the health and safety of its volunteers overseas, Peace Corps requires that an applicant have the physical and mental capacity, with or without a medical accommodation, to perform the essential functions of a volunteer for a full tour of duty without unreasonable disruption due to health problems. You cannot be invited to a Peace Corps program until you have completed the medical evaluation process.

The Peace Corps offers two advanced education programs to Peace Corps volunteers: Master’s International and Fellows/USA.

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