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7 Alternative careers with your Bachelor of Nursing

These careers are just samples of what you can do if you have the appropriate skills and experience.This by no means implies that these jobs are the only options you have. Depending on your interests and experience, possible job titles include:

Alternative Careers

Alternative Careers

Commissioned Officer in the Military (Lieutenant):
provides specialized nursing services for emotionally distressed individuals and promotes mental health within the medical treatment facility and the adjacent military community. Performs liaison and consultative functions to ensure continuity of patient care.

Crisis Counselors: help clients explore different solutions to the problem, practicing stress reduction techniques and encouraging positive thinking.

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors: help people who have problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, and eating disorders.

Acute Care Coordinators: provide crisis intervention services and risk assessment for all residents who call the Mental Health Crisis Line.

Infection Control Nurses: identify and control infections that occur in the community or in a hospital setting. They collect data and instigate infection control and prevention measures.

Public Relations Consultants: focus on building relationships with all the ‘publics’ of an organization. This exciting, high-paying job lets you use your creativity and communication skills on a variety of interesting and important projects.

Human Resources Specialists: serve as liaisons between employees and management, negotiate with unions over contracts and grievances, resolve disputes, direct employee health and safety programs.

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