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Medical Device Sales is an amazing career to get into

Medical device jobs are on the rise in today’s employment market. It’s a great job for those that are independent and self driven. A medical device sales representative explains new products and technologies in calls on surgeons, specialists, nursing staff, or executive-level client, sometimes during procedures in operating rooms or hospitals.

Medical Device Sales Representative

Medical Device Sales Representative

It’s_very possible for you to get the job in laboratory sales, medical software sales, clinical diagnostics, imaging sales, pathology sales, surgical sales, medical device sales, or any of a host of other options in the health care sales arena. Expect to do lots of cold-calling in the beginning and relationship-building with doctors throughout your career. Medical device sales jobs usually require a lot of travel over a multi-state territory, but salaries and commissions are very competitive, and there’s significant opportunity for growth.

Average Salary of medical device sales representatives:

Sales Durable Medical Equipment: $69,000
Medical Sales Independent Representative: $100,000
Account Representative Optometry: $106,000
Medical Veterinary Sales Representative: $126,000
Medical Surgical Sales Representative:$79,000
Cardiology Sales Representative:$144,000

Medical device sales representative education:: The preference is for the candidate to have 1-2 years of medical (medical supply, medical services, medical devices, etc), hospital or surgical experience. Of course, many clients want someone who has been there and done that. Some clients love to hire an RN (Registered Nurse) with sales experience. Degrees in Kinesiology, Biology, Pre-Med, Health Sciences, Athletic Training or related life-science degrees preferred.

You must be committed to investing your time and energy to develop the knowledge and relationships necessary to succeed in this industry. The future of medical device sales is promising as technology and medicine continue to advance. Regardless of the economy, jobs in medical devices will continue to remain strong due to the constant need for health care.

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