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ePortfolio for Nursing Students

ePortfolio is a collection of student work over a period of time. It is an archive of material held in a digital format. The contents of the nursing students’ portfolios are related principally to their professional development as nurses.

Nursing Students ePortfolio

Nursing Students ePortfolio


Nursing student’s portfolio demonstrates an ability to gather appropriate data, analyze a situation, and formulate an appropriate diagnosis/conclusion. ePortfolio helps students to set goals, make plans and reflect on their progress as they achieve them.

There are benefits to using an electronic portfolio. With traditional portfolios, binders holding papers would take up lots of space. Electronic portfolio take up infinitely less space than paper-based portfolios. They can be updated easily, yet previous copies can be archived. They are interactive; students can link from document to document, or to outside resources. With an electronic portfolio, information can be easily stored in a computer hard drive, floppy disc, CD or other. This would take up very little physical space and would be accessed with minimal effort.

There are many different types of electronic portfolios: assessment ePortfolios, presentation ePortfolios,  learning ePortfolios, personal development ePortfolios.

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