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Health Career Abbreviations P-W

Health Related Degrees and their Abbreviations
Medical Careers Abbreviations A-O
PA: Physician Assistant
PA-C: Physician’s Assistant Certified
PD: Doctor of Pharmacy

Health Career Abbreviations

Health Career Abbreviations


PharmD: Doctor of Pharmacy
PharmG: Graduate in Pharmacy
PHN: Public Health Nurse
PNP: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
PT: Physical Therapist
PTA: Physical Therapist Assistant
PTA: Physical Therapy Assistant
RD: Registered Dietitian
RDA: Registered Dental Assistant
RDCS: Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
RDH: Registered Dental Hygienist
RDMS: Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
REEGT – Radiologic Electroencephalography Technologist
REPT – Registered Evoked Potentials Technologist
RHIA – Registered Health Information Administrator
RHIT – Registered Health Information Technician
RMA: Registered Medical Assistant
RN: Registered Nurse
RNA: Registered Nurse Anesthetist
RNA: Registered Nursing Assistant
RNC: Registered Nurse Certified
RNCS: Registered Nurse Clinical Specialist
RNP: Registered Nurse Practitioner
ROUB – Registered Ophthalmic Ultrasound Biometrist
RPh: Registered Pharmacist
RPT: Registered Physical Therapist
RRA: Registered Record Administrator
RRT: Registered Respiratory Therapist
RT: Radiologic Technologist
RT: Registered Technologist
RTR – Registered Recreational Therapist
rvt: registered vascular technologist
SBB: Specialist in Blood Banking
SCT: Specialist in Cytotechnology
SH: Specialist in Hematology
SLS: Specialist in Laboratory Safety
SM: Master of Surgery
ST: Surgical Technician
SV: Specialist in Virology
VMD: Veterinary medical doctor
VT: Veterinary Technician
WHNP: Women’s Health Nurse

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