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Healthcare careers are typically stable in good times or bad

Those interested in a healthcare career should have a strong work ethic and demonstrated customer service and communication skills.




Career Path: Management.Since health care management requires personnel with a wide range of expertise, people from outside the industry have a good chance of finding employment in the sector. Salary: $51.000 per year and up Positions: Nurse Manager, Payroll Manager Skills & knowledge: advanced computer skills, advanced customer service skills, job experience.

Career Path: Skilled. Health care provides opportunities at all skill and wage levels and the majority of skilled occupations in health care are not at-risk for out-sourcing or elimination by technological advances. Salary: $25-33 per hour. Positions: Computed Tomography tech, Mammography tech, MRI tech, registered nurse, social worker. Skills & knowledge: advanced computer skills, advanced customer service skills, advanced math skills, Associate Degree to Bachelor’s Degree, job experience.

Career Path: Semi-Skilled. Unprecedented opportunities exist for new graduates, those transitioning to new careers and upward mobility of those already working in health care. Salary: $18-23 per hour. Positions: Cancer Tumor Registrar, Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Coder, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Technologist, Medical Transcriptionist. Skills & knowledge: Associate Degree or Certification, Communication Skills, Computer Proficiency, Customer Service Skills, English Proficiency, GED/High School Diploma.

Career Path: Entry. Hundreds of openings expected over the next decade for entry-level positions to assist nursing and technical staff with patients in long-term care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and behavioral health programs. Many of these positions allow quick access to health care jobs, and although salaries are below average, these can be the first steps in a career ladder that over time will lead to additional training, greater skills and professional certification. Salary: $12-17 per hour Positions: EKG Technician, Medical Billing Clerk, Medical Records Clerk, Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician. Skills & knowledge: basic math skills, English skills, GED/High School Diploma, reliability, workplace readiness.

People in healthcare work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, public health facilities, home healthcare agencies, private medical practices and pharmaceutical companies.

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