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How can you become a healthcare worker?

Jobs in the health care field run the gamut from ambulance driver to nuclear medicine technician to veterinarian. Healthcare career opportunities vary with experience, and in some cases public funds are available to train people who are interested in entering this industry.

Healthcare Training

Healthcare Training


Some of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare involve minimal or moderate on-the-job training; examples include home health aides, medical assistants, dental assistants and physical therapist aides. The healthcare industry also provides many job opportunities for people without specialized training beyond high school. In fact, many workers in nursing and residential care facilities have a high school diploma. Some hospitals provide training or tuition assistance in return for a promise to work at their facility for a particular length of time after graduation. Nursing facilities may have similar programs..

Entry-level healthcare jobs pay from $9-12/hour. Continuing your education can lead to higher wages. Benefits for full-time positions may include health insurance, tuition reimbursement, a pension plan and time off for classes. Some positions like home healthcare, may only be part-time and not include benefits. Advancement opportunities are huge: it’s possible to start out in one job and train for another or move into other position through on-the-job training and experience. Related fields are as varied as those in the direct health care field: health education, making and preparing medical equipment, medical clerk, animal breeding.

Make sure you attend a high-quality training program that will certify you. What to ask your trainers:

-Is there a market for the job that this training covers?
-Will I need credentials for the job? Will this training program give me those credentials?
-What is your track record for job placement and retention of students?

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