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Home health is the best financial and flexible opportunities for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists make patient’s lives more comfortable by caring for them in their own home. Home care is a growing industry due to the aging population and continued requests to have care done in one’s home.

Home Health Physical Therapists

Home Health Physical Therapists


As_a_ Physical therapist in home health, you are working by your own, and it is very important that you have a very good foundation. New graduates have to get an experience from the hospital acute setting, then acute outpatient setting. It is worth investing your time working in the hospital for a few years. If you feel like you are ready to be independent in treating your patient in home health, then you can start applying in home health setting company. Some physical therapists work part time, holding a few jobs. For example, some may work in a private practice, but also work part time in another health-care facility.

Salary is remarkably higher in home health compared to the in-patient or clinic setting. Working in home health gives you a very good flexibility since you control your schedule.

Earnings: Median annual wages of physical therapists were $72,790 the highest 10 percent earned more than $104,350. Home health physical therapist salary will vary from state to state and from agency to agency. Physical therapists are paid differently by different agencies depending on their pay structure and depending on availability of full time, part time or PRN (as needed).

Home health Physical therapists duties:
-travel to patient homes and provides direct physical therapy services to home health patients as prescribed by a physician
-monitor and evaluates patient care outcomes
-instructs the caregiver on the patient s total physical therapy program

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