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Medical Nail Technician

Medical nail technicians (MNTs) are state licensed nail technicians or cosmetologists with advanced education, preparing them to work as assistants to podiatrists. MNTs may also work in nursing homes and medical spas.

Medical Nail Technician

Medical Nail Technician

Some podiatrists are opening Foot Spas, hiring Medical Nail Technicians to perform cosmetic services within a medical spa atmosphere. Medical nail technicians can help podiatrists when they are working in nursing homes by performing noninvasive care and allowing the podiatrist to see more patients.

A medical nail technician is specially trained in the areas: aseptic techniques and sterilization, pedicures for at-risk patients, prosthetic toenails, podiatric lasers. MNTs perform an appropriate foot exam, recognize diseases and disorders of the feet, and know how to medically chart for a physician.

Medical Nail Technician Training:

The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) program is an online course that serves as a prerequisite for the Medical Nail Technician (MNT) program. After completing this part of the course, he or she has completed a one week Internship under the direction of a Podiatrist to learn the practical skills needed for working in a podiatric office. These new possibilities are wonderful opportunities for those who feel the call to expand their nail career into working in a medical setting.

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