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Top Surgeons Salaries Highest Paying Medical Jobs

Today, surgeons salaries are among the highest of any medical occupation. Earning are varied for many reasons, such as: location, hours worked, skill set, and experience.

Surgeons Salaries

Surgeons Salaries

Spine surgeons, whether orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons, usually command the highest salaries among all surgeons.

Orthopedic surgeon: examines, diagnoses, and surgically treats musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, and tumors. The median expected salary for a typical surgeon – orthopedic in the United States is $420,530. Based on the type of specialization, orthopedic surgeon salary range varies significantly. For instance, Orthopedic Surgery – Hand: $477,132, Orthopedic Surgery – Joint Replacement: $604,751, Orthopedic Surgery – Pediatrics: $422,000, Orthopedic Surgery – Spine $658,520, Oral Surgery $380,500.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: $392,168
Trauma Surgery: $424,555
Vascular Surgery: $413,629
Neurological Surgery: $592,811
Colon & Rectal Surgery: $394,723
Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery: $533,084
General surgery: $321,000

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