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Excellent opportunities for students interested in a health services management career

There are many excellent opportunities for students interested in a career in health services management.

Health Services Management Career

Health Services Management Career


The Health Services Management Program blends business management with health services management. This program includes content in health care delivery, health law, health economics, facility administration, budgeting and reimbursement, leadership, health promotion, and cultural competency. A strong emphasis is on computer applications in data analysis, management and decision-making.

A bachelor’s degree is enough for some entry level positions. A master’s degree is required for almost every position in healthcare management.

After graduation, students may find positions in settings such as health care manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, health care service companies, associations, purchasing organizations, consulting firms and insurance companies, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and other providers. Depending on the employing organization, graduates from healthcare management programs with little or no experience can expect to earn a salary ranging from $30k to the high $40k after graduation. Experienced graduates can expect to earn higher salaries.
Typical positions include project management, marketing, public relations, finance, operations, human resource management, program management and quality assurance.

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