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How to learn new things in the medical field FREE:OpenCourseWare, OSW

If you want to learn new things in the medical field, but don’t have the time to take classes or money for the rising tuition costs, then OpenCourseWare might just be the answer. OSW is an amazing resource for anyone with a computer, internet connection, and a desire to learn.

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

OpenCourseWare (OCW) high quality educational materials, organized as courses. They are available at no cost to Internet users around the world. Hundreds of Universities joined the OpenCourseWare movement and together made available thousands of courses (including healthcare courses).

OCW course materials often include a syllabus, class notes, assignments, and video or voice recordings from lectures. You can use these self-guiding materials and activities to learn at your own pace. However, OCW does not typically provide certification or access to instructors. There is no registration or enrollment process. You should work through the materials at your own pace, and in whatever manner you desire.

Below is a list of some OCW sites to further your healthcare educative experiences:

Tufts Univesrity courses are mostly geared towards medical, veterinary, health, and nutritional sciences.

MIT OCW offers more than 1000 courses including Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

Open CourseWare University of California Irvine provides free courses, complete with syllabi, exams and assignments.

All open courses provided by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health are free, with no required registration. Lecture topics: Biostatistics, General Public Health, Chronic Diseases, Genetics, Global Health, Health Policy, and many other.

Open University of Washington, OpenUW, offers free online mini-courses in several subjects, such as: Master’s in Clinical Health Services, Nutrition, Health Care Administration & Management, Executive Master’s in Public Health, Master’s in Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies, Social Work, Behavioral Health & Human Services.

Open Yale Courses are available as downloadable videos, and audio version.

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