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Medical Laboratory Departments Jobs

Medical laboratory personnel examine and analyze body fluids, and cells. They look for microorganisms, analyze the chemical content of fluids, and match blood for transfusions.

Medical Laboratory Jobs

Medical Laboratory Jobs

Cytogenetic Technologists
Cytology is the study of human cells. This is where cell samples are examined to detect early signs of cancer and other diseases.

Laboratory Personnel
Hematology counts, describes and identifies cells in blood and other body fluids. The slightest change in shape or size or number of cells will tell these skilled laboratory professionals if patients are anemic or have leukemia.

Histology evaluates cells in tissues and organs. The histotechnologist also helps the pathologist with such complex tasks as fine needle biopsies and autopsies.

Immunology Technologists
Immunology is the study of the body’s response to viruses or allergy-causing agents. This area is responsible for many tests of the efficiency of the human immune system.

Microbiology Technologists
Microbiology tracks down and identifies disease-causing bacteria, parasites or viruses. These laboratory professionals will use growth characteristics in artificial media, chemical testing and slide identification to determine which medications will work against the infections

Phlebotomy is the collection and processing of blood and other specimens. After processing, the samples are distributed to different areas of the laboratory for analysis.

Blood Bank Technologists
Transfusion Medicine or Blood Bank supplies all the blood products that are necessary for the treatment of many types of blood disorders including anemia and blood clotting disorders. Each blood unit is individually typed for blood group, screened for antibodies and tested for contagious diseases.

Clinical Chemistry Technologists

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