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Dietary Aide Assist Dietitians

Dietary aides assist dietitians in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and rehabilitation centers. They help to maintain good standards of nutritional care for patients.

Dietary Aide

Dietary Aide

Dietary Aides Duties:

-discuss the dietary needs of patients with health care team members
-interview patients to discuss food preferences
-assist in the planning of menus for patients
-make sure food is hygienically and correctly prepared and attractively presented
-maintain diet records
-develop a nutrition care plan in consultation with dietitians
-assist in the training of staff involved in the preparation and serving of meals for patients with particular diets
-use computers for data entry and retrieval

Dietary aide personal attributes:

-good communication skills
-ability to read, understand and follow recipe directions, diet orders, tray cards, and work assignments.
-must be patient and tolerant toward staff, residents, and family members.
-good organizational skills
-willingness to work flexible hours, such as during an emergency situation
-willingness to perform routine, repetitive tasks with frequent interruptions
-good motor coordination are required for various work routines such as preparing food items, serving trays, handling soiled dishes, operating dietary equipment and cleaning work area.

Dietary Aide Training

There are different courses in nutrition and food service which are offered by vocational schools and community colleges. However, most dietary aides receive on-the-job training. With additional training and experience, dietary aides may become CNAs or dietitians.

Typical dietary aide salaries

$15,479 – $26,061
Hourly Rate for Dietary Aide Jobs:$7.42 – $12.17
Hourly Rate by State or Province
Pennsylvania: $7.34 – $10.84
Ohio: $7.15 – $9.68
Illinois: $7.77 – $10.31
Michigan: $7.84 – $12.68
Florida: $7.44 – $9.42
Wisconsin: $7.47 – $10.63
Minnesota: $8.59 – $15.22

Dietary Aide Interview FAQ:

-Tell me about yourself.
-Tell me about a time when you had a problem with a co-worker. How did you handle it?
-Tell me about a time you had a problem with a manager. How did you handle it?
-Are you available to work overtime if needed?
-How will you handle it when you are working short of staff?

Dietetic Technician
Dietetics and Nutrition
Ketogenic Diet Specialist

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