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Cardiology Physician Assistants

Cardiology: branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart. Cardiology Physician Assistant is a PA with special training and skill in treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. There are about 2,5000 PAs working in cardiology.

Cardiology Physician Assistant

Cardiology Physician Assistant

Cardiology Physician Assistants work closely with cardiologists to enhance patient care. However, physicians typically handle more complicated medical cases; Cardiology PAs free physicians to spend more time on complex cases.

Cardiology Physician Assistant Duties:

-Take patient histories and perform physical examinations
-Administer stress tests and other measures of cardiac health
-Cardiac catheterizations
-Make rounds at the hospital
-Facilitate pre and post-operative patient care
-Order and administer tests and interpret results
-Provide patient education
-Explain cardiology procedure to patients
-Manage risk-reduction therapy
-Perform site checks after placement of catheters or pacemakers
-Write discharge summaries

Minimum of Cardiology Physician Assistants training through an accredited PA program with specialty training in Cardiac Services.

Cardiology Physician Assistants Salary: $79,472 – $104,048
Specialties bring larger physician assistant salaries. The starting physician assistant pay is substantially higher in regions where the average cost of living is also higher.

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