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CNA Sample Job Interview Questions

If you have an interview for a CNA job tomorrow-what can you expect-:nursing assistant job interview tips.

Nursing Assistants Interview Opener Questions:

-Why did you choose this profession?
-What about your character makes you a good candidate for this job?
-Why do you want to work in geriatric care?

CNA Interview Questions

CNA Interview Questions

-What was the one thing you didn’t like about your previous job?
-What did you enjoy most about your last job? Enjoy least?
-Can you work overtime?
(Your answer should take no more than 2 minutes)

CNA Skills Interview Questions:

-Can you explain in detail how you would appropriately transfer a resident from a bed to a wheel chair?
-How much experience do you have as a nursing assistant?
-If your shift ends at 3 p.m. and your replacement hasn’t arrived by 3:15 p.m., what do you do?
-What qualities do you think you have that would be valuable to our facility?
-What do you do with a resident who refuses care?
-It is your lunch break and you see a resident fall. What do you do?
-Have you ever had to report abuse?
-How have you responded in the past when you found another employee was stealing?
-Do you have any problems doing personal care for males (females) patients
-Have you ever had to ‘go the extra mile” to satisfy a patient? Tell me what you did.
-List five qualities required to be a great certified nursing assistant. Which one are you weakest in?

Interpersonal/Communication Skills:
-Do you like older people? Can you talk to residents and communicate with them?
-What do you think honesty means to an employer?
-How have you responded when your supervisor asked you to work a different shift to fill vacancies?
-When people meet you, what would they remember about you?

How you deal with stress

-How well do you manage stress?
-How do you prioritize your cares… if you had to do several things at once, how would you decide what to do first?
-Tell me about your most frustrating experience as a nursing assistant.
-How do you keep from getting burnout?

Potential conflict

-How do you deal with difficult coworkers?
-Describe a conflict you’ve had with a co-worker and how you resolved it.
-Have you ever been disciplined or fired from a CNA job?
-Can you describe a stressful situation in a previous job, and what you did to create a positive outcome?

What motivates you as an Employee

-What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
-What is it about this job that excites you
-Give an example of when you did something without being asked.

Nursing Assistant Interview FAQ:

How long are interviews?
-Interviews can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours

How many people will interview me?
-Interviews usually have 1-3 interviewers.

What do I wear?
-Business casual: slacks or skirt, button down shirt or blouse, blazer, hair back, if jewelry minimal, neutral colors and comfortable shoes.

Do I take a copy of my resume?
-Take 3-5 copies, just in case.

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