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Dermatology Physician Assistants | Plastic Surgery PA

There are many dermatology physician assistants working in dermatology offices who help dermatologists increase productivity and patient access to care. Dermatology PAs diagnose, treat, and prescribe for various dermatological conditions.

Dermatology Physician Assistants

Dermatology Physician Assistants

Dermatology Physician Assistants are nonphysician practitioners, so they understand their limitations and don’t work on cases that are beyond their education, experience, and skill level. They are legally and ethically bound to diagnose and treat dermatologic conditions only under their supervising physician.

Dermatology Physician Assistants Duties:

-perform laser therapy for vascular lesions, tattoos, and pigmented lesions
-noninvasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox
-perform chemical peels
-skin cancer screening and preoperative consultation
-small surgeries
-discusses wound care
-implements the biopsies
-assist at liposuction
-harvest skin grafts, and hair transplants
-suture removals
-schedules follow-up appointments

Some Dermatology Physician Assistants specialize in such areas as: psoriasis, acne, advanced sclerotherapy, operating lasers and doing Botox injections. Dermatology Physician Assistants can do minor surgical procedures and treat skin conditions associated with HIV disease.

Dermatology Physician Assistants Training:

Some physician assistants hold a Master’s Degree in PA Studies with a concentration in Dermatology. There are a few Dermatology PA Residency programs, such as:
-dermatology training program for physician assistants-Derm dept at the university of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
-Derm PA residency program in Kirksville, MO
-Masters degree in physician assistant studies with concentration in dermatology from University of Nebraska

However, most dermatology PAs are trained on-the-job by their supervising dermatologists. Additionally, Dermatology Physician Assistants get training through attendance at dermatology based conferences and tumor boards.

Dermatology Physician Assistants Salary:

Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Physician Assistants make the most money in terms of PA’s, but their salaries vary depending on demographics, practice size, abilities and experience.
For a new graduate the range will be between 75k-95k, depending on the region, but after a few years of experience, Dermatology Physician Assistants make over 100K.

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