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Neurological Physician Assistant

The beauty of being a physician assistant is that you can go to any field after certification. Neurological Physician Assistants assist neurologists in providing specialized care for all major neurological conditions—from stroke and multiple sclerosis to headache and movement disorders to traumatic brain injury.

Neurological PA

Neurological PA

Some Neurological Physician Assistants primary focus is on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons Disease and other movement disorders and Dementias such as Alzheimers Disease.

Neurological Physician Assistant are supervised and extensively trained by neurologists. Most PAs are located in the same facility as the supervising physician, although exceptions are numerous. In some cases, supervision is provided by a neurologist who works only a few days each week and who is otherwise available by telephone.

An academic neurologist assigned to guide PAs through their study of a new discipline, directs them to latest appropriate medical literature, and helps refine their skills in doing physical examinations and obtaining medical histories. Neurologists perform chart reviews on request and provide backup support during work hours.

Neurological Physician Assistant job in a Stroke Center.

Duties range from admissions, consultations, follow up, and discharge summaries. On call duties, and rotating weekends as well. It’s a very interesting specialty and also very rewarding. However, it can be pretty stressful. Additionaly, Neurological Physician Assistants can work as Headache Specialists.

Neurological Physician Assistant Salary:

Physicians’ offices: $88,150
Hospitals: $89,520
Outpatient services: $89,900
Neurology Physician Assistant in Missouri: $99,000
Neurology Physician Assistant in Las Vegas: NV $84,000

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