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Medical Laser Technician

Medical laser technicians may work in a dermatologist’s office, at a medical spa, laser center, surgery centers and clinics. The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.



Laser systems are electro-optical devices that convert electricity into intence beams of pure colored light. Medical laser works on tissues by heat, acoustical shock waves, or photochemistry.

Medical laser technicians perform a wide variety of services;they use lasers to remove tattoos, angiomas or birthmarks, vascular blemishes, and spider veins. Lasers are used for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Photofacial lasers rejuvenate skin and remove skin imperfections caused by pregnancy, medication and sun damage. Laser hair removal involves the use of a medical laser, as well. Laser hair removal works by using a laser to locate the hair, then “stun” it.

Laser procedure involves risks of burning and scarring, so it vitally important that Medical laser technicians using this advanced technology understand and apply the correct safety procedures for the safety of their clients.

Medical laser technicians should not be confused with a laser specialist or surgical laser specialist. A laser specialist has extensive medical education, background and training.

Medical Laser Technician Salary: $51,000 and up.

Medical Laser Technician Education:

Training for a certified Medical laser technician can be completed in a short period of time through a vocational program, but some schools only take in nurses, licensed aestheticians or cosmetologists.

Medical Laser technician certification can be earned through the National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE). You will have to complete clinical experience requirements and pass an exam. Laser Certifications reflect professionalism and personal accomplishment.

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