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Medical Physicists

Medical physics is the application of physics to medicine. Medical physicists assure the safe and effective delivery of radiation in the diagnosis or treatment of a patient.

Medical Physicists

Medical Physicists

Medical physicists have respected, valued and appreciated job. They work for hospitals, clinics, medical firms and consulting businesses. The demand for medical physicists is expected to increase over the next decade.

The sub fields of medical physics are:

Medical Physics: Medical physicists work with physicians, assisting patients who need imaging technology and radiation treatment in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Health Physics : Health physicists protect people or the environment from the potential hazards of radiation in a variety of settings.

Therapeutic Medical Physics: Most medical physicists work in therapeutic radiology, also called radiation oncology. Therapeutic radiology is the process of treating cancer by projecting high-energy radiation at targeted cancer cells to shrink and eliminate tumors.

Nuclear Medical Physics: Nuclear medicine is used for both imaging and treatment after patients have received small amounts of radioactive materials.

Medical physicists may also participate in medical research, teach or train medical professionals, or work as consultants. As educators, medical physicists instruct or train other medical physicists, medical students, and other healthcare workers who treat cancer.

Medical physicists Education:
-Master’s degree in Medical Physics, Radiological Physics, Medical Health Physics or a closely related field
-Certification in the specific subfield of medical physics

Medical Physicists Salary

The average starting salary for a certified medical physicist with a masters degree is $95,000.

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