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Medical Roboticist: High-Demand Degree

Medical roboticist is an engineering professional who specializes in the production, repair and maintenance of medical robotic equipment. Robotics technologies reshape the future of healthcare.

Medical Roboticist

High-Demand Degree

Medical Robotics is a technology driven area of medicine that has experienced tremendous growth and improvement over the last ten years. For instance, some major advantages of robotic surgery are precision, miniaturization, smaller incisions, decreased blood loss, less pain, and quicker healing time.

Medical robotic equipment can provide surgeons with all of the clinical and technical capabilities of traditional open surgery while enabling them to operate through a few tiny incisions. Surgeon does not have to be present, indeed the surgeon could be anywhere in the world, leading to the possibility for remote surgery. With the telesurgical workstation, the conventional surgical tools are replaced with robotic instruments which are under direct control of the surgeon through teleoperation.

Such areas as rehabilitative and prosthetic devices, and preventive healthcare equipment, could also be considered a part of medical robotic activities.

Medical Roboticist Education:

The easier approach is to just get the degree in robotics:
B.S. in Robotics Engineering or M.S. in Robotics Engineering.
You can also get a master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, physics or engineering.

Combine engineering and healthcare together and this is one of the high-demand degrees you’ll get. Science-minded individuals are needed to help develop medical technology.

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