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Nurses: Latest News

A nurse forced an elderly woman at a nursing home to take medication after threatening to hit her has been suspended from the profession.

Two stories of unusual nursing students

Nursing work with my family inspired me to choose nursing as my career.

The National Union of Healthcare Workers, leads a chant Tuesday outside a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Sacramento

Six new nurses will be welcomed at Armidale hospital today as part of the record-breaking graduates program.

A new crop of nurses is being trained as population care coordinators — nurses who serve as part coach, part health advocate to improve coordinated follow-up and preventive and wellness care.

From providing first aid to dispensing medications and preventative screenings, school nurses play a vital role in a student’s education experience.

Even without any specialized pain management training, nurse practitioners meet the state requirements for prescribing controlled substances.

A drug-addicted nurse added tap water to a painkiller prescribed for a 105-year-old nursing home patient

The second-year nursing and paramedicine student travelled to Uganda on his own to assist health services in the country, offering to work as a volunteer in several regional and rural hospitals and ambulance services.

That nurse has never been found — her name wasn’t in the medical files because they were mistakenly destroyed.

St. Francis Medical Center just earned the Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders, or NICHE, designation from The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University College of Nursing.

Vein and Laser Center: Nursing job

There’s no denying that today’s nurses are busier than ever.

Many female nurses are obese. Nursing schedules affected not only the health of the nurses but the quality of patient care

Allison Batson has given a whole new meaning to “the gift of life.” Going above and beyond her duties as a nurse helping to save patients’ lives, she donated her kidney to one last week.

Researchers examined newly licensed registered nurses’ (NLRN’s) self-reported mandatory and voluntary overtime hours, as well as their total work hours.

Some nurses have ended up becoming insurance agents, tuition teachers and sales assistants while others are involved in part-time businesses as they wait for a nursing vacancy to open.

The union says hospital costs have not risen, but that Kaiser wants to increase out-of-pocket costs to nurses and eliminate retirement benefits.

ACU is planning to open a bachelor of science in nursing program on campus in the fall of 2013

To go from nursing to teaching wasn’t much of a switch in terms of the purpose

If you think the worst of the nation’s and Florida’s nursing shortage is over, think again.

Statistics point to a prolonged and serious shortage of nurses in all care settings. This is an especially significant issue in Florida for our many older citizens — often those most in need of care.

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