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Dental X-Ray Technician

Dental’s X-Ray Technicians take x-rays of patients as directed by the dentist. Dental Radiology (X-ray) Technician are respected as valued members of the oral health care team.

Dental X-Ray Technician

Dental X-Ray Technician

Dental x rays are the visual photographs of teeth, bones, jaws or soft tissue around them.

Dental X-Ray Technician Education

The X-Ray Technician must have a current radiation safety certificate for the state in which they practice or equivalent radiologic training (a formal training program in Dental assisting which included a course in radiological techniques and safeguards).

Dental X-Ray Technicians Duties:

-make patients comfortable during the x-ray process
-explain x-ray process to patients
-keep patients clear of excessive radiology exposure
-take and develope Dental x-rays of teeth and adjacent tissues
-maintain patients records
-assist Dentist and oral Surgical Staff during diagnosis and treatment
-monitor equipment and makes recommendations for maintenance, replacement or upgrade.

There are three types of diagnostic radiographs taken in today’s dental offices: periapical, panoramic, and cephalometric. Periapical radiographs are the most familiar, with images of a few teeth at a time captured on small film cards inserted in the mouth. Panoramic x-rays is useful for studying the patient’s jaw and the position of the teeth relative to one another. Cephalometric x-rays capture a radiographic image of the entire head, usually in profile.

Digital radiographs are captured electronically, loaded into, viewed and stored on the office’s main computer system. To take a periapical exposure, x-ray technician places a small photosensitive imaging plate into a sterile wrapper and inserts it into the patient’s mouth just like a conventional X-ray film card. The X-ray is taken, and the exposed plate is then loaded into a scanner, or processor, which reads the image and converts it to digital form.

Dental X-Ray Technician Salary: $42,000

Dental X-Ray Technician is a challenging and rewarding career. They have opportunities to work in a wide variety of settings including private dental practices, dental radiation laboratories, educational and community institutions, research teams and dental corporations.

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