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Healthcare Job Fairs

Healthcare industry offers some of the most rewarding jobs available today. Medical job fair is s a great way to find a job, because you will be able to identify several opportunities at once, submit your resume, and even have a short interview on the spot with the recruiter.

Healthcare Job Fairs

Healthcare Job Fairs

How to find health care job fairs in your area?

-check your local newspaper
-check with your local and state employment offices
-look for notices on employee bulletin boards at your job
-check relevant web sites

Before the Healthcare Job Fairs:

-research in advance the employers who will be there and target the ones that have jobs most appropriate for your skills
-prepare your resume; have it reviewed, so that it’s perfect, print multiple copies on resume paper
-prepare your questions to ask the recruiters. The interview will be probably short, so do not ask about salaries and benefits at this point.
-practice responses to sample interview questions

During the Healthcare Job Fair:

-be enthusiastic and confident and give the recruiter a firm handshake.
-dress professionally, put on a name tag
-bring plenty of copies of your resume. Carry the copies of your resume in a professional looking folder or portfolio
-try to get there early and talk to recruiters while they are still fresh
-pay attention to personal grooming and accessories (very little or no cologne, minimal jewelry, clean simply styled hair and make-up, be sure breath is fresh)
-no chewing gum; no food or drinks in hand
-make a note of everyone you talk to.
-ask for business cards or write down the contact information
-before leaving each table, thank the recruiter for talking with you and for any promotional materials they shared

After the Healthcare Job Fairs:

Be sure to follow up with a thank you note.

Today there are even virtual job fairs online. If you are interested in relocating, these are a great way to apply for jobs without having travel.

Healthcare job fairs and career expos recruit for:
RN, LPN, LVN, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Home Health, CNA, Laboratory, Surgical, Informatics, Radiology, Imaging, Social Services, Support Personnel, Pediatric, Labor and Delivery, Pharmacy, Mental Health, Technologists.

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