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Rehabilitation Healthcare Jobs

Most of rehabilitation healthcare workers help patients recover from health problems that can affect their normal function and help people with disabilities maintain and improve their normal functioning.

Rehabilitation Jobs

Rehabilitation Jobs

Workers in this area include:

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are health care professionals who maintain, restore, and improve movement, activity, and health enabling individuals of all ages to have optimal functioning and quality of life

Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory therapists work in a wide variety of settings to evaluate, treat, and manage patients of all ages with respiratory illnesses and other cardiopulmonary disorders.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are highly specialized health care providers that assist injured people with resuming their normal life. The nature of the injury is not necessarily physical. In addition to assisting stroke, heart attack victims, or accident victims, occupational therapists also help mentally ill, mentally retarded, and recovering drug abusers adjust to daily stresses and teach them how to respond to them.

Speech-language Pathologist

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) evaluates and treats children and adults who have difficulty with speech or language.


Audiologists work with people who have hearing, balance, and related ear problems.

Health Educators

Health educators promote wellness and healthy lifestyles. Covering a wide range of topics, these workers teach individuals and communities about behaviors that encourage healthy living and prevent diseases and other problems.

Assistants and aides

Assistants and aides work with the therapists to help treat patients. For instance, home health aides work with patients who have chronic illnesses or disabilities. They provide health care in the home and allow these patients to stay out of the hospital and remain as independent as possible.

More Rehabilitation Jobs:
Addiction Counselor, Art Therapist, Behavioral Disorder Counselor, Dance/Movement Therapists, Dietitian/Nutritionist, Eating Disorders, Mental Health Counselor, Medical Social Worker, Music Therapistm Occupational Specialist, Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Prosthetist/Orthotist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Recreational, Rehab. Counselor, Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor.

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