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Senior Care Pharmacist

Senior care pharmacists are specialists in geriatric drug therapy. They act as a family’s link between the patient, the physician, and other health care providers.

Senior Care Pharmacist

Senior Care Pharmacist

Seniors take more medications than any other age group, but medications act differently in older adults. Millions of seniors at high-risk for medication-related problems in assisted living and retirement communities. So, nowadays, every licensed nursing home in the United States has a consultant pharmacist.

Senior Care Pharmacists have specialized training in the medication-related needs of seniors, and understand how drug therapy principles for older adults may be different from those applied in younger adults. They help elderly at home, local senior centers, retirement homes, and hospices.

Senior Care Pharmacists Duties:

-identify older individuals at risk for medication related problems
-patient interviews and assessments
-reduce medicated-related problems, such as side effects and drug interactions
-education on medication therapy
-eliminate unnecessary medications
-reduce medication costs

Senior Care Pharmacists Education:: Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy with geriatric specialization.

Senior Care Pharmacists Salary: Median Salary: $109,523 per year.

Senior Care Pharmacists improve drug therapy and the quality of life of their patients.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), the recognized expert in geriatric pharmacotherapy.

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