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Child Psychologist Job

Child psychologists help children with mental and behavioral disorders. They study the mental, social and emotional development of children.

Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist

Child psychologists may specialize in working with a particular age group such as teens, infants, or toddlers. They work in a variety of settings including schools, courts, hospitals and mental health clinics.

Many schools employ the services of child psychologists to help children cope with adjustment, behavioral, and developmental issues. The court may use the services of child psychologists when investigating crimes committed against children. Child psychologists also help children who have experienced traumatic events, such as automobile accidents or deaths in the family

Child Psychologists Education

Careers in child psychology typically require doctoral degrees. All states require a license to practice psychology.

Child Psychologists Duties

-Collect information through observations, interviews, surveys, tests, and other methods
-Find patterns that will help them understand and predict behavior
-Identify and diagnose mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders
-Develop and carry out treatment plans
-Collaborate with physicians or social workers to help treat children

Child Psychologists Salary: $68,640 per year

Salaries ranging from a low of $38,400 to a high of almost $120,000.

Nursing Assistant in ChildCare

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