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Laser Technician Job

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A laser technician career is very attractive because it is a field with a relatively high starting salary for only a few years of schooling. Medical Laser techs provide support to surgeons who use lasers (in the event if a technical problem occurs.)

Laser Technician

Laser Technician

The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Medical uses of lasers include surgery, dermatology, gynecology, cardiology, otology, ophthalmology, etc. Recent uses include angioplasty, photodynamic therapy (PDT), and diagnostic image processing.

Laser Technician may work in medical offices, hospitals, Ophthalmology Services, Lasers, Laser Systems, Laser Optics companies.

Hospital Laser Technicians Duties:

-monitor, troubleshoot and maintain delicate laser equipment in hospital operation rooms during patient procedures
-transport equipment safely to and from customer sites
-process work orders and additional paperwork
-responsible for testing, sterilization and inspection of equipment

Laser Technician average Salary: $33,000

Ophthalmic Laser Technician Hourly Rate: $15.28 – $23.59
Total Pay:$33,780 – $50,068

Cosmetic Laser Technician Salaries: $35,000

Laser Technician Education:

Associate’s degree or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school in Optics/Electronics/Precision Mechanics.There are more than ten laser training programs in the U.S, and they are relatively small. Some employee require their laser medical technicians pass certifying examination on a particular machine. Requirements vary by states. NCLC Laser Certifications are primarily directed toward non-physicians working with various health care and Aesthetic laser systems.

Additional Resources:

International Aesthetic & Laser Association

Gold Laser Academy

The Laser Training Institute

Elite Laser Training

Board of Laser Safety Laser Institute of America

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