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Correctional Nurse: Great Job With Great Benefits

Correctional nursing is not for everyone, but it is never boring. It is a great job with great benefits, however you have to separate work from life.

Correctional Nurse

Correctional Nurse

Working in a correctional environment means you have to be ready for anything, so you have to use all your nursing skills, and some they didn’t teach you in school.

Nurses in a correctional facility deal with many different types of people. Because the prison environment is a very manipulative one, nurses have to learn who was having a true medical emergency and those who were faking and using the system. Therefore, correctional nurses need good critical thinking skills, and good education skill.

Correctional Facility Nurses Duties:

-responsible for the med pass, admission assessments, setting up med profiles for new inmates, investigating medications to be administered.

-responsible as a first responder to any incidents that developed with inmates, for example, anyone injured in a fight or if someone had a seizure in his cell.

-write orders for meds that needed refilling

-deliver first aid to any officers who might have been injured.

-responsible for determining if an inmate needed to go to the hospital for further evaluation.

All in all, correctional nursing has much less physical demands than bedside nursing.

Correctional Nurses Salary:

Hourly Pay Range: 20.38 – 27.00
Monthly Pay Range: 3359.20 – 4533.33

Career in Prison Health

Correctional Facilities have a continuous need for Physician Assistants around the country

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