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Certified Patient Account Technician (CPAT)

Patient account technicians play a central role in the delivery of health care. They use critical analytical skills to effectively resolve patient account issues.


Patient Account Technician

CPATs may work for many different types of employers, such as physicians’ offices, hospitals, insurance carriers.

Patient account technicians Duties:

-communicate with the patient’s insurance company to ensure services are approved for payment

-responsible for reviewing a patient’s account to ensure the charges are accurate

-assist patients in understanding the costs of the services they have received

-may collect the patient’s payment after services have been provided

-assist patients in applying for health care resources, such as Medicaid.

-responsible for accurate data collection, documentation, and data retrieval with computerized systems.

Certified Patient Account Technician (CPAT) exam
is offered by the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM). Earning an AAHAM certification demonstrates a Patient account technician’s commitment to the profession and ongoing career development.

Certified Patient Account Technician annual median salary: $33,000

The lowest 10% in annual wage earnings is about $25,000. The upper 10% of earners in this profession received an annual salary of approximately $45,000.

CPAT/CCAT Frequently Asked Questions

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