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Correctional Facilities have a continuous need for Physician Assistants around the country

Correctional Facility job can be a wonderful learning experience for Physician Assistants, but you have to be pretty confident that you can work with minimal supervision.

PA Correctional Facility

PA Correctional Facility

Correctional Facility Physician Assistant duties:

-provide diagnostic and therapeutic medical care and services to inmates

-performs and interprets physical examinations and routine laboratory, screening and therapeutic procedures;

-educates and counsels patients regarding matters pertaining to their physical and mental health;

-other related work

Correctional Facility Physician Assistant Salary: $124,000

Those interested in working as Correctional Facility physician assistants with the Federal Bureau of Prisons must be certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Physician Assistants to apply for positions.

There are two paths that health care professionals can take with the the Federal Bureau of Prisons:

-Federal Civil Service
-U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHS).

Each path has its own pay structure, benefits and career progression.

If you become employed with the Bureau, you will find a wealth of benefits such as substantial annual and vacation leave and generous health care, as well as other, benefits.

Physician Assistant, Correctional Facility Story:

…”To this day, I saw things and was able to do things that I cannot do in a family practice due to the nature of correctional medicine, where you are expected to save the state as much money as possible by doing several jobs and take care of things as much in-house as possible.. Overall a very hard, exhausting, and many times frustrating experience, but now working in family practice, the front desk love me because I won’t worry about a last-minute addition to my schedule or having over 20 patients a day. I learned how to work very efficiently, when to refer and discuss the patients with other specialists without worry, and what I could handle on my own, when to involve my supervision doc, and how to say no to patients in an appropriate yet respectful manner.”

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