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PACS is the future, and PACS Admin is a blessing career and great pay

PACS is the future and PACS admin is a blessing career and great pay. PACS is an acronym that stands for Picture Archiving and Communications System.

Skills required to be successful in the field:

PACS Administrators

PACS Administrators

You_will need a good understanding of network architecture and securities, as well an advanced understanding of Windows and IE, since those are the platforms for most web based PACS systems. But you need to have the radiology background as well.. It’s not just an IT job! It’s a Healthcare job.

PACS is IT + Radiology. Having a strong understanding of Radiology and types of exams and images is a must, knowing the difference between a CT, MRI, US, NM is a must.

Ideal PACS admin is a Radiology person with good IT skills

Must have comprehensive computer skills and the ability to communicate with all types of clients.

PACS Administrators Certification

PACS administrators meet certification requirements by passing two examinations–CPAS-Technical, which tests an individual’s knowledge of general technical skills; and the CPAS-Clinical, which tests an individual’s knowledge of general clinical skills
Candidates must also complete and pass the Certified PACS Interface Analyst exam (CPIA) and the Certified PACS System Manager exam (CPSM).

PACS Administrators Certification Salaries range depending on where you live, but they are listed anywhere from 40K-110K and should be based on the efficiency of the employee and the volume of work

Top 3 PACS Administrator skills:

-Radiology work flow
-Hospital IT background
-Ability to deal with Radiologist all day long

Day in the life of a PACS Administrator Video :))

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