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RP-VITA Robot allows doctors to remotely interact with patients


Medical Roboticist: High-Demand Degree
RP-VITA was designed to help doctors provide better patient care under increased demand for their time and attention. Getting the right specialist to see the patient in a very short amount of time can make the difference between life and death.



RP-VITA stands for “Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant. IRobot teamed up with InTouch Health to develop the robot that can autonomously travel around a hospital and allow a physician to administer care as if he or she is in the room with a patient.

The robot can be paired with other medical devices, like an ultrasound or stethoscope. RP-VITA can travel on wheels at a maximum forward speed of 3.36 mph, rolling through corridors and into patient rooms.

The robot stands five feet four inches in height, has a battery life of about four to five hours, and allows a doctor to communicate with patients through a video screen at the top of the robot.

Through its WiFi support, the robot also can access live patient data from electronic medical records.

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Medical Roboticist: High-Demand Degree
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