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Male Nurses: Forget about archaic gender stereotypes

The top nursing specialties among male-nurses include: Critical care, ED and Med/surg. Other top areas of expertise include Middle Management, Educator, Director and Nurse practitioner.

Male nurses facts

male nurses

-Many males become nurses because of the flexibility in having a career that allows them to have the freedom to practice in a wide variety of fields, variety of regional locations, including internationally, a wide a variety of work schedules available, as well as the ability to advance professionally within the nursing and/or administrative fields.

-Most of the men come into nursing as a second career

Special challenges to men who want to pursue nursing career:

-Stereotypes, a traditionally female profession and other professions seen as more “male” appropriate are seen as the top challenges to men who want to pursue a nursing career.
-Fear of being considered less than manly.

-Many of male RNs felt that they encountered difficulty in the workplace due to being in a traditionally female profession, for instance, a lot of the female patients don’t want male nurses taking care of them.

Males in the nursing profession must rely on each other to encourage others to enter the field and be positive role models for the new males entering the field.

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