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Dental Assistant Jobs: Tahlequah, OK; North Chicago, IL

Dental Assistant at Cherokee Nation (Tahlequah, OK)
The Dental Assistant assists the Dentist in providing a wide range of dental procedures including providing chair side services, providing educational information, cleaning and sterilizing equipment and clinic areas and providing clerical assistance.

Job Duties:
Arranges dental instruments and materials in order to assit the dentist in providing uninterrupted treatment to patients. Provides educational information to the patient regarding required treatment, current treatment, and post-treatment care. Cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes instruments, equipment, counter tops, and all other related items to maintain the cleanliness of the clinic. Applies topical flouride to assist in preventing cavities. Provides chair side and four handed assistance to any staff member as needed. Orders dental and clerical supplies as needed and maintains a prescribed inventory. Schedule appointments for patients and helps patients fill out dental forms if needed. Maintains patient records, clinic files and other documentation as required. Provides clerical assistance by answering phones, retrieving and preparing charts, typing, filing and receiving and dismissing patients.Takes and records patient’s blood pressure. Exposes, develops, and documents x-rays under close supervision. Follows Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines. Other duties may be assigned.

Dental Assistant (Primary Care) at Lake County, Illinois (North Chicago, IL)

ob Description

Hours: Part Time 7.5 Hours/Week, Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm

Location: 2215 14th Street, North Chicago, IL 60064

Performs work in the non-professional area, assisting a dental hygienist and/or dentist in the provision of services to a patient. Responsible for maintaining dental operator in a hygienic manner, including items of equipment utilized in the provision of direct patient care. Cleans and sterilizes dental instruments and returns to proper storage after use. Assists in exposure, processing and mounting of dental radiographs and keeping of radiographs as part of a patient’s dental record. Informs supervisor of material shortages and necessity to reorder. Prepares materials or medications for use by dentist or dental hygienist and delivers them as may be required in the treatment of patients. Schedules patients for dental visits to maintain optimal productivity levels of the program. Prepares materials or medications for use by dentist or dental hygienist and delivers them as may be required in the treatment of patients. Participates in expanded duties allowed by DRE of Illinois for preventative procedures as trained. Maintains dental equipment and logs entries per designated time frames. Keeps accurate record of patient visits.

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