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Pharmacy Clerk Job


The pharmacy clerk is a non-registered, technical worker who performs the minimum non-discretionary tasks, under the direct supervision of a registered Pharmacist. This is an entry level position for students that are interested in the pharmacy field and Health Services or Medical Terminology.

Pharmacy Clerk Job

Pharmacy Clerk Job

Employment in this field requires applicants to have good vision, hearing, the ability to communicate orally and the physical ability to perform tasks required of a pharmacy clerk.

Pharmacy clerks work in community, clinical or hospital pharmacies and retail pharmacies.

Pharmacy clerks help licensed pharmacists with the administrative duties of running a pharmacy. They operate cash registers, answer telephones, clean pharmacy equipment, stock shelves, and perform other clerical duties.

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Pharmacy Technician Salary
Medication Aide Job

10 Behind-the-Scenes Medical Careers

Health information: Using the latest technology, professionals in this field can gather, analyze and combine patients’ health information.

Healthcare information career opportunities: Health informatics specialist, Health informatics technician, Health informatics consultant, Data quality manager, Electronic health records (ehr) manager, Ehr product representative, network support personnel, clinical informatics specialist,

Biomedical Illustrator: Biomedical illustrator creates surgical and anatomical drawings, visuals for educational films, and artwork for brochures and posters.

Biomedical Photographers: capture images to facilitate the recording and disseminating of medical and biological knowledge.

Forensic Toxicologist: Forensic toxicology is a science that deals with the criminal use of poisons.

Immunology technologists: examine elements of the human immune system and its response to foreign bodies.

Histology technicians : processes surgical, autopsy, or research tissue specimens for microscopic examination. Although most histology technicians work in human health care facilities, many are employed in veterinary, industrial, or research laboratories.

Central Supply Technicians

Closed Door Pharmacy Technicians: Closed-door pharmacies are not accessible to the general public, and work exclusively with a wide variety of care facilities including Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Group Homes, Retirement Centers, Foster Care and others.

Cytogenetic Technologists study the morphology of chromosomes and their relationship to disease.

Medical equipment preparers, also known as central supply technicians, use cleansing and sterilizing solutions to disinfect and sterilize laboratory or healthcare equipment, such as respirators, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen and dialysis equipment.

The Most Important Post-Interview Activity: Thank You note


An important and often forgotten aspect of gracefully finishing an interview, the “thank you” note is addressed to one of the interviewers. Within 24 hours write the interviewer a letter expressing appreciation and thanks for the interview. Submission can be paper or electronic.

Thank You note

Thank You note

The Thank You note should have the following parts:
-Appropriate greeting
-Show appreciation for the employer’s interest in you
-Specific experience from the interview
-If you thought of something you forgot to mention in the interview, mention it in your thank-you letter
-Appropriate close

Ideally, you want to get it in their hands by the end of the day of the interview or first thing the following morning because the quicker your letter arrives, the greater the likelihood of affecting a positive impact.

Only few take the time to write a thank you letter, but the simple gestures of a phone call and thank you letter can make a big difference in separating you from your competition.