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Male CNAs Motivation

It’s not hard being a male working as a CNA,

it’s alot of work but once you get a routine down it’s more smooth.

There are a hand full of male cna’s where i work, we are well out-numbered by the females.

I was 28 when i took my cna class. I’m 29 now.

I think working as a cna will make it easier to become a LVN simply because you’ll gain the experience with working with residence and patients and you’ll learn a lot.

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Nursing Assistant Jobs In Kentucky

Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs available in Kentucky. Certified Nursing Assistant Median Salary in Kentucky: $23,618
The top 10% earn $29810 annually
-The bottom 25% $20853 per year
-The bottom 10% earn $18335 a year
Kentucky’s Nurse Aide Testing Program (KNAT).

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) has responsibility for the final written or oral examination and the skills demonstration aspect of the competency evaluation. The test questions are developed based on the State-approved curriculum with input from members of the Nurse Aide Training Advisory Committee. The test is validated by KCTCS to ensure its reflection of the material presented in the training. KCTCS also has responsibility to maintain the integrity of the test and the individual examinations.
The oral examination may be substituted for the written examination for persons with a documented limitation of literacy skills.
The skills-demonstration aspect of the examination must consist of a minimum performance of five (5) skills. These five (5) skills are randomly selected from a pool of evaluation items.
Kentucky’s Nurse Aide Testing Program (KNAT).

Nursing Assistant Jobs In Kansas

Find CNA jobs in Kansas quickly and easily. Certified Nursing Assistant Median Salary in Kansas: $27,977
The top 10% earn $33275 annually
-The bottom 25% $25510 per year
-The bottom 10% earn $23263 a year

Kansas Certified Nurse Aide Curriculum


Does reimbursement include all course costs, including textbooks and other required materials?

NATCEP costs cover the following:

• Any portion of the training coursework;
• Fees for textbooks or other required course materials;
• Registering individuals on the nurse aide registry; and
• Administration of the competency examinations.

How does the nursing home provider get reimbursed by the state for training costs?

Each state administers its Medicaid Nursing Home Reimbursement Program according to its Medicaid State Plan. In Kansas, the nursing home reimburses the CNA for his or her training costs and then reports these costs on its Nursing Facility Financial and Statistical Report (Cost Report). These costs are then reimbursed as part of the nursing home provider’s daily Medicaid rate.
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