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Nuclear Medicine Technologist

What is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? Nuclear Medicine Technologists (NMTs) work under the supervision of physicians to perform nuclear medicine procedures that are used to diagnose and treat diseases.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

In_diagnosis, NMTs prepare, measure, and give radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive drugs known as “Tracers”) to patients either by injection or mouth. Then, by using a radiationsensitive scintillation camera, images of the internal organs and the radioactive tracer biorouting through the body can be viewed on a monitor screen.

What is the employment outlook?

There will always be a demand for competent, caring NMTs. The US Department of Labor predicts that employment of nuclear medicine technologists is expected to increase by 18-26% between 2004 and 2014. In addition, the US Bureau of Labor statistic predicts that the US will need 8000 more nuclear medicine technologists in 2010 than it had in 2000.

Where are NMTs employed?

NMTs held about 18,000 jobs in 2004. About two-thirds of all jobs were in hospitals. Most of the rest were in offices of physicians and diagnostic imaging centers.

Is there a health requirement?

Yes – all those accepted into the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program will be required to complete a Student Health Form. This form includes a physical examination to be completed by a physician or a nurse practitioner and required immunizations. Students are required to obtain CPR Certification for Health Care Providers prior to the start of the program.

What about radiation protection? May I attend clinicals if I become pregnant?

It is the policy of theNuclear Medicine Technology Program to provide reasonable radiation protection to students occupationally exposed to radiation. Declared pregnant students are expected to follow the additional protective measures which have been developed to restrict
the fetal radiation dose below the maximum permissible dose (MPD) as recommended by the National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Ketogenic Diet Specialist

Nurses, doctors and Ketogenic Diet Specialists who specialize in this diet help families adjust to food restrictions as well provide long-term monitoring, which is important in the efficacy of this treatment approach.

EMT-Basic & Paramedics: Where Do They Work?

The EMT-Basic certificate and the Associate of Science in Paramedic Science are designed to prepare the EMT to deliver emergency patient care in the pre-hospital setting.