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re-evaluate your nursing skills and jump to the right nursing career that fits you

More often than not, when people think about different types of nursing careers, they usually think of becoming a registered nurse first. But actually, this is not the case because if you are interested in pursuing a nursing career, you need first to re-evaluate your nursing skills and jump to the right nursing career that fits you.

types of nursing careers

types of nursing careers

There are many great nursing jobs offered where you can provide medical support to patients and families. All you need to do is know the right nursing career for you where you can fully maximize your skills and dedication.

From registered nurse, nurse oncologist, to nurse anesthesiologist, there are various types of nursing careers. In fact, the list of diverse type of nursing careers is endless.

Just imagine these vast opportunities for nurses and surely you’ll see where you really fit in. Although its quite exhaustive to skim through the many possibilities in the field of nursing, still its an edge to know where you are good at and where your expertise can truly be utilized.

Basically, nursing jobs play an important niche in the society. They primarily assists doctors and other medical practitioners, help and support people that are sick or dying, somehow alleviate discomforts in hospitals, and educate family members about home medications and prescription instructions.

Within the nursing field, there are various types of nursing careers to choose from and below are some of the more diverse options:

1. Hospital Nurse

– In this set-up, the nursing staff is divided among the many floors or units to take care of patients with a huge range of conditions and illnesses. From newborn babies to dying old patients, every human medical need is complex and challenging. Here, the nurse play the role as a ‘bridge’ between the doctors and the patients as well as the patient’s family, giving information, check-ups, treatments, and follow-up care. They may also assist the doctors during surgery of anesthesia, treat wounds, observe symptoms, chart vital signs, and report changes. Hospital nurses are the doctor’s eye and the patient’s voice.

2. Nursing facilities

– Nurses may choose to work in temporary rehabilitation centers, nursing care the elderly, convalescence units, and basic nursing facilities. In these types of medical facilities, nurses are required to have patience as well as perseverance. They also often work for long hours, sometimes, not even seeing positive results. This nursing career has an advantage; knowing that you are making someone’s life a little better and a little easier.

3. School Nurse

– Either part- or full-time, school nurses have the responsibility to check students for health conditions like vision problems and asthma symptoms. They are responsible for the health welfare of the students. And in case of suspected symptoms of child abuse, they are obliged to report it to civil authorities.

4. Company Nurse

– Larger business maintains a nurse on staff to look after employees. The nurse can seek medical assistance if he or she suspects an environmental problem within the company.

5. Travel Nurse

– This a good career option since it allows nurses to work different from the common hospital set-up. Nurses have the opportunity to travel, get high paying checks, get good benefits, while still practicing their jobs. Here, the nurses are the boss of their time and they have the privilege to choose their assignments.

The various types of nursing careers can open up great opportunities for you. These will allow you to enjoy your nursing job. From education, business, schools, companies, to even prison, nurses are there to accommodate all health concerns or address patient’s complaints. With a good-sized pay, signing bonuses and the opportunity to work in different places, nursing is indeed a rewarding career.
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The top nursing specialties among male-nurses include: Critical care, ED and Med/surg. Other top areas of expertise include Middle Management, Educator, Director and Nurse practitioner.

LPN Anesthesia Support or Anesthesia Techs

LPN Anesthesia support or Anesthesia Techs assist Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetists and MDAs. However, not so many hospitals use anesthesia techs.

LPN Anesthesia Support

LPN Anesthesia Support

LPNs Anesthesia support Duties:

-maintain clean, well stocked and organized anesthetizing areas

-provide extra hands during intubation

-provide setup and technical assistance

-LPN Anesthesia Techs may start IVs

-dispose of contaminated materials

-clean, disinfect or provide for sterilization of anesthesia instrumentation

-provide devices and assist with airway management

LPN Anesthesia Support Education Required:

Completion of an accredited LPN program.

LPN anesthesia techs get a higher pay than bedside LPNs

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