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What is a Nursing Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant?

Nursing assistants, sometimes called nurse aides and geriatric aides, assist licensed nursing personnel in providing nursing care. They work under the direction and supervision of registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs, LVNs) and other medical staff.

What is a Nursing Assistant

What is a Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants often have more contact with patients that other health care workers do.

Nursing assistants work in many settings. They work in hospitals and nursing homes. Nursing assistants also provide care for older people and people with disabilities in residential care centers. Some nursing assistants visit people in their homes ( home health aids)

In the United states , most nursing homes and many hospitals hire only certified nursing assistants CNAs.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

Nursing assistants earn salaries of between $23,117 and $29,904 per year.
Median: $25,369.  The key factors affecting CNA salaries are years of experience and work environment.

Certified nursing assistants may find jobs more easily than those who are not certified because some employers will only hire Certified Nursing Assistants.

P.S. In the UK, as in other countries, the CNA might also be called a Nursing Assistant (NA), Auxiliary Nurse (Aux-N), Healthcare Assistant (HCA), Heathcare Support Worker (HSW) or Clinical Support Worker.

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  1. kooly says:

    When becoming a nursing assistant, do you only need to take a certificate program?

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    i am qualified graduate and have got training as a multy purpose health worker at present i am working as a multy purpose health woker in india from 18 years now very soon i am going canada i want know how can i may be got job in canada

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