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Certified Nurse Assistant Salary in California

The Average Pay For A Certified Nurse Assistant In California

$24,245 = Average Certified nurse assistant salary in Anaheim, CA
$20,171 = Average Certified nurse assistant salary in Bakersfield, CA

Nursing Assistant Salary in

Nursing Assistant Salary in CA

$20,978 = Average CNA Salary in Chico, CA
$31,503 = Average CNA Salary in Concord, CA
$31,503 = Average CNA Salary in Fremont, CA
$25,139 = Average CNA Salary in Fresno, CA
$24,245 = Average CNA Salary in Irvine, CA
$24,161 = Average CNA Salary in Long Beach, CA
$24,161 = Average CNA Salary in Los Angeles, CA
$22,840 = Average CNASalary in Merced, CA
$23,527 = Average CNA Salary in Modesto, CA
$26,612 = Average CNA Salary in Monterey, CA
$31,503 = Average CNA Salary in Oakland, CA
$24,508 = Average CNA Salary in Ontario, CA
$24,508 = Average CNA Salary in Palm Springs, CA
$20,978 = Average CNA Salary in Paradise, CA
$24,161 = Average CNA Salary in Pasadena, CA
$31,503 = Average CNA Salary in Pleasanton, CA
$25,539 = Average CNA Salary in Redding, CA
$24,508 = Average CNASalary in Riverside, CA
$27,392 = Average CNA Salary in Sacramento, CA
$28,473 = Average CNA Salary in Salinas, CA
$24,662 = Average CNA Salary in San Diego, CA
$35,647 = Average CNA Salary in San Francisco, CA
$36,037 = Average CNA Salary in San Jose, CA
$23,587 = Average Salary in San Luis Obispo, CA
$27,004 = Average Salary in Santa Barbara, CA
$30,104 = Average Salary in Santa Cruz, CA
$32,713 = Average Salary in Santa Rosa, CA
$25,297 = Average Salary in Stockton, CA
$24,161 = Average Salary in Torrance, CA
$19,991 = Average Salary in Tulare, CA
$28,800 = Average Salary in Vallejo, CA
$26,233 = Average Salary in Ventura, CA
$19,991 = Average Salary in Visalia, CA
$31,503 = Average Salary in Walnut Creek, CA
$26,612 = Average Salary in Yolo, CA
$22,044 = Average Salary in Yuba City, CA

CNA salary-Certified nursing assistant salaries by location

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9 Responses to “Certified Nurse Assistant Salary in California”

  1. I am planning to move out that way later this year and was wondering why certified nursing assistants do not make better than what is shown, I know the cost of living out there is way higher than Louisville, Kentucky, I have been a nursing assistant for twenty years. E-mail me back at jeeps@
    My name is Rhonda McAfee, I currently work for nortonheathcare in Louisville, KY

  2. magusap says:

    wow! that’s such a small amount to pay a CNA. I though it would be $13.00 to start and it will go up to $15.00 or $18.00 an hour? for all the work that a CNA does I don’t think it is fair to get paid so little, that’s sad. This is discouraging to me, I had plans to be a CNA, because I wanted to take care of people that can’t care for themselves, but not get paid so little and brake my back taking care of the sick & elderly. wow!

    • Antonio says:

      you are right, i am a cna student so, when we get to the facility to practice, we found out the salary, the condition of the work. i do not understand why a job that has a lot of responsibilities is paid low.

  3. Future CNA says:

    Unfortunately, it is not a great salary for the amount of work & education. However, with this economy (especially the state of California), it’s tough to find a job, let alone, a good paying job. I know ppl with college degrees working @ fast food establishments. Schools are closing/downsizing in California so that teachers with years of experience & additional credentials are being laid off! This is a door into a field in which the economy does not heavily affect it. There are always going to be ppl in need & the added stress of a bad economy might increase that need also! What can you do? If really interested in a CNA career, just try you best to find the least expensive training & keep in mind – if you focus on how little you’re getting paid, then you will not do your job as well.

  4. Cayla says:

    It’s not the worst pay in the world but it is low considering how much it costs to live in california. But, atleast it’s enough to support one person living in an apartment. I think the pay is so low because they expect CNAs to eventually become nurses and they see it as a “temporary” thing. I think the pay is OK considering how short the program is and how much you would have to pay for other entry level medical careers. It’s much easier to find a job as a CNA than a medical assistant from what I hear.

  5. Lisa says:

    Yes being a CNA is a job that will always be around, the pay is low, how ever it is rewarding, we see resident more than the nurses do. I would not go become a nurse, as they seem to loose people skills. Yes there are time I have been know to work a full time job and pickup agentence work too. This allows me to gain a little more income, and to also meet new people. If you really love you job you will find a way to make the money work, no matter what state you live in. Even Calif, yes I am from Calif. Right now I am going to school for massage therapy in Colorado preparing to return back to my home land. Calif. Work is a craft, make it fun.

  6. Erica says:

    I live in California, near Santa Rosa. I’ve been a CNA for several years now, and am wonderiwng where these people get the information that they’re basing these average salaries on. I’ve looked into several facilities in Sonoma County and have yet to find ANY that pay the wages shown here. Even with my experience my annual salary is less than half what is shown here. And Lisa is right, the amount of work involved in being a CNA is disproportionate to the wages. Yes the emotional perks can be good, but given that we have no rights other than to a “clean and safe working environment” that’s not always good enough. Whoever’s doing the averages should talk to the facilities…perhaps we can get better pay. 😉

  7. Heather says:

    Good afternoon! I hate to say it, but I would LOVE to have the pay that you all have in Ca! I live in GA (not sure how I got to this page, exactly!) and was just curious what the starting out pay rate was anymore. Minimum wage here is 7.25. I have been certified for eight years and I make a whole $9.18/hr. I make $19,094/yr. I love helping people and knew I wanted to do something in this line of work when I was in High School just wasn’t sure what so I took a class to get certified my freshman year. I am very glad I did..however..I have to go have back surgery this July. I’m 22 years old. When I look back, I’m thrilled to have the experiences that I have had and so glad I got to meet all the wonderful and amazing people I did. I had the privlage to take care of a lady who was 108 years old for three years and she taught me a heck of a lot. But with all the problems I have with my back and my knees and just everything that we had to do–we didn’t have mechanical lifts and we still had to hose off the washable briefs and sheets–the work load and the pay..just do not equal out. I never was in it for the money..but it’s not fair. I know, life isn’t fair..but how can you pay someone who does as much as we did/do so little? Someone who stands on the side of the road can make $15/hr flipping a sign from go and stop because they work with the county..but someone who’s everyday lives depend on you..couldn’t make it without you..get so little. It just doesn’t make sense to me! Anyways, I’m off my soap box. Thanks for listening!

  8. CaliGirl says:

    Hey everyone, I guess we’ve started our own little support group, lol! Everyone is right, we work our tails off and it is a wonderful experience, the things we learn, the people we meet but the work it self is back breaking and the patient load is unjustifiable I work in Marin co. in California I make 14.63 an hour @ the end of the pay period is a little less than a 1,000 with insurance, etc, etc. I can barely make it I have to work 3 doubles and 1 extra day just to make ends meet with two kids. My rent is one of my checks plus I commute there from solano ca. Im taking control some how Im going to go back to school LVN’s are paid 28.00 by my company an hour and that’ without experience so Pray for me it’s either that or marry well and even that’s going in slow motion. So keep your head up ladies all you can do is pray and look for a way out it’s there you just have’nt put your finger on it yet but you will I have faith in all of you. Stay blessed!

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