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Nursing assistants-men, women, retirees

The majority of nursing assistants are women aged 25 to 35 , and mid-life women aged 39 to 55 are the second largest group.

For many of this women , this is the second or third career. The majority of these women work for nursing homes. A significant number of younger women now enter this career

Male Nursing Assistant

Male represent 35-40% of nursing assistants. The majority of them work for hospitals. The percentage of males in this vocation is increasing nationwide due to downsizing. Mid-life men are looking for new career opportunities

Retirees Nursing assistants

Many retirees want to work as nursing assistants to supplement pensions. Retirees are capable workers who interact well with others and are rarely absent from work.

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2 Responses to “Nursing assistants-men, women, retirees”

  1. Marcus Black says:

    Hello im Marcus Black and I just passed my Wa state CNA course and test im looking to work in a hospital But they ALL say that i need experince now by me being new to this career NO one will hire me how do I get a job in a hospital or gain the experience

  2. Carole says:

    You can volunteer at the American Red Cross to get your experience or help one of your family members.


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