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CNA Skills: Feeding a Dependent Patient

Eating is a basic activity of daily living (ADL). Nursing assistants most often provide this needed help. Nursing Aide Competency Procedure for feeding a dependent patient:
-Identifies self by name
-Identifies resident and greets resident by name
-Washes hands
-Explain procedure to resident
-Provides for resident’s privacy
-Picks up diet card. Verifies that resident has received correct tray

Feeding Dependent Resident.

Feeding Dependent Resident.

-Helps resident to wash hands
-Adjusts bed height to sit at resident’s eye level
-Locks bed wheels
-Lowers side rail on near side
-Raises head of bed. Makes sure resident is in an upright sitting position
-Helps resident to put on clothing protector
-Offers drink or beverage and different types of food
-Offers food in bite-sized pieces
-Make sure resident’s mouth is empty before next bite
-Uses washcloths to wipe food from resident’s mouth and hands as needed.
-Removes clothing protector
-Removes food tray
-Makes resident comfortable
-Returns bed to low position
-Ensure resident safety
-Washes hands
-Records intake of solid food and fluids

Some older people can’t eat or drink anything without being fed. They are totally dependent on others to eat and drink. With a good understanding and practice of effective techniques; feeding the elderly can be a rewarding experience for both patient and nursing assistant.

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