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Restorative Nursing Assistant (RA) RNA

“Restorative aides”-usually nursing assistants with special training.
Restorative nursing is wonderful area of nursing that is extremely important. It offers so much more to the patient’s quality of life. It also allows much autonomy and the ability to develop critical thinking.

Restorative Nursing Aides (RA) work in Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Centers, Alzheimer’s facilities, Therapy Departments, Acute Care Hospitals, Rehab Hospitals, Out Patient Centers, Hospice Agencies, Home Health Agencies

Restorative Nursing Aides Median Annual Wage is $22,060.00

Most Restorative Nursing Aide are trained on the job or you can earn restorative aide certificate in 5 weeks

Restorative CNA Assists patients with exercise

Restorative CNA

The training for a restorative aide usually involves two or three days with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and nurses in techniques for restoration–for example, ambulation, positioning in chairs, range-of-motion exercises, bathing and dressing.

Personal characteristics of Restorative Nursing Aides should include patience, flexibility, and good communication skills.

What are the responsibilities of an RA?

-Assists patients with exercise to improve or maintain mobility and independence in the patient (active/passive range of motion exercises); Provides residents with routine restorative nursing care and services; Documents care on Rehabilitation/Restorative flow sheet; Participate in and document results of residents’ activities of daily living programs such as dressing, feeding and personal hygiene; maintain restorative therapy notes in residents’ record; Notifies restorative nurse coordinator or appropriate therapy department of any problems, referrals or reassessments needed; monitor wheelchair-bound residents to ensure proper use, positioning and fit of leg extenders and footrests; Assist in transfer and transportation of residents as needed;


Restorative Nursing Assistant-Restorative Nursing Aide

Restorative Nursing Aide


-Knowledge of safe transfer and lifting techniques. In some cases, Restorative Nursing Aide need to lift patients. Frequent kneeling, stooping, and standing for long periods also are part of the job.Some knowledge of the materials and equipment used in physical therapy.

C.N.A. to Restorative Aide Training

CNA to Restorative Aide program is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the skills and abilities essential to the provision of physical restorative care to patients and residents in hospitals, rehabilitation, home health and long-term care facilities.

This course is for those who have completed the nurse assistant course. The program is designed to instruct nurse assistants to assist therapists and or consultants in physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

The restorative aide will be able to serve in a maintenance capacity in the therapists or consultant’s absence. This program covers introduction to restorative nursing, communications, psychosocial aspects of disability, anatomy, physiology and pathology of the long-term patient, specific care problems, and basic restorative procedures.

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